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JD is available for speaking engagements, interviews, and appearances. She is also pleased to speak to reading and writing groups via telephone or Zoom.

To download high-res images of book covers, images of the author, a copy of the press release, the pitch letter and more info. about J.D. Myall books click the link below:

J.D. Myall Press

For rights inquiries, please contact my agent Suzie Townsend [email protected]
  and/or For interviews, ARC requests, and appearances, please contact my Awesome Publicist Lynn Coppotelli of Smith Publicity [email protected] 


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You can also find an extended version of J.D. Myall's interview with author Nic Stone in the February 2018 print edition of Writer's Digest Magazine. It will be available in Barnes & Nobel and other locations where books and magazines are sold.

 Or Check out J.D. Myall on MTV:

           Want a peek at author J.D. Myall back in her wild child days when she was on MTV? The show was called the Social Story of Concerts. J.D. Myall can be seen at 5:40 and again at 7:34

You can also see blink-182: 00:50 08:45 14:04 20:00

the beatles 06:07
nirvana 15: 09
frank zappa 06:27
vince neil 06:40
antrax 06:53
new found glory: 02:27 11:34 14:11

kid rock 07:00
ludacris 7:08

no doubt 13:34

limp bizkit 14:31 18:58
iggy pop 14:39
melanie safka 19:05
ozzy osbourne 19:39